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Luxury Homeowners have more Pre-foreclosure Options

For high-end, luxury, or executive homeowners, there is typically more time to work out a foreclosure alternative with lenders, whether it be a short sale, a loan modification, a forbearance agreement, or deed-in-lieu.  Additionally, some lenders will even pay cash to the homeowner of up to $30,000 (this only happens in a short sale, and it actually […]

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The Hard Decline (aka the Short Sale Mulligan)

I currently represent the buyer in a short sale transaction, and the lender is Wells Fargo.  Within a couple of weeks of submitting our purchase contract to the lender, the list agent received a “hard decline” from Wells. A hard decline is short sale lingo for starting over.  The frustrating thing is that there is […]

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Yet Another Successful Asheville Short Sale with Wells Fargo

This condo was a pretty typical Asheville short sale.  There was one mortgage with Wells Fargo.  At the time I took the listing, the mortgage was not in default, and HOA fees and property taxes were also current.  There is a misconception among borrowers that they must be in default by as much as 90 […]

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