Broker Price Opinion Bill Signed by Governor Bev Perdue

Official photo of Governor Beverly Pe...

Official photo of Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been writing about the potential law change regarding BPO’s in North Carolina for some time now.  And when Senate Bill 521 passed through the legislature, it was widely discussed online in other forums, blogs, and news media.  But the bill wasn’t yet a law, because the governor hadn’t signed it.  Well, all that changed on July 13, 2012, when Gov. Perdue signed 38 new bills into law.

But for some reason, I haven’t been able to find any other discussions of this online, except on the website of the Office of the Governor.  Oh well, it’s not media coverage that makes it a law anyway.

The new law actually goes into effect October 1st.  In the meantime the NC Real Estate Commission will continue moving forward with the “rule making process.”  I was told by the Commission said there would be some specific criteria regarding BPOs performed by Realtors.  Stay tuned…

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