North Carolina Foreclosure Rescue Scam Shut Down

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office has shut down a foreclosure rescue firm that actually tried to change its name to avoid prosecution by the state.  Wow, did this guy really think he would get away with it?

North Carolina law prohibits charging fees up front for loan modifications or foreclosure assistance, which is exactly what Reginald Keith Turner was accused of by homeowners who paid up to $2500 and then received little or no help in return.  Mr. Turner operated under the names Hazelton Management and The Carley Group.

According to the Mecklenburg Times,

“Taking people’s money and then failing to help them just pushes homeowners even closer to foreclosure,” Cooper said.  “We’ll keep going after these foreclosure rescue schemes that prey on fear and promise false hope.”

Cooper’s Consumer Protection Division has made foreclosure rescue scams a priority, with the Turner case being its 12th case won against foreclosure assistance and loan mod scams in 5 years.

More details are available in the full article.

Sellers beware when dealing with such groups!  ALWAYS consult an attorney before engaging in any pre-foreclosure solution – loan modification, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, and short sales.

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