About Me

Scott Russell – The Short Sale Guy

I am a Realtor in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  I am licensed in both North Carolina and Florida and a graduate of Ole Miss, where I studied business as an undergraduate and also received my MBA.  My experience in short sales includes successfully closing my own listings as well as identifying short sale investment opportunities in several states.

My philosophy is that short sales require a team effort.  In addition to a Realtor who knows how to market a short sale and ensure that the contract will be favorably received by the lender, you also need the expertise of a competent, experienced attorney (I am not an attorney).  Anytime I list a short sale property for sale, I insist that an attorney be involved.  We work together to help the seller not only close the sale and avoid foreclosure, but also to minimize or eliminate the seller’s liability.

If you have any questions about short sales or would like to discuss a short sale for your own property, please contact me.