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Don’t let your Neighbors Foreclose on YOUR Home!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  But that’s exactly what’s happening all over the country, as cash-strapped homeowners associations begin foreclosing because of unpaid dues.  That’s right, your HOA/POA (property owners association) can file a lien for the unpaid balance, and can then drive your home into foreclosure, even if your lender isn’t ready to foreclose.

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Short Sale Terms

Below is a glossary of common short sale terms. Appraisal An appraisal is typically ordered by the short sale lender after a contract is received.  In most cases, the lender doesn’t know what the property is worth until they order a property valuation, which may be an appraisal or BPO.  Appraisals are usually more expensive […]


Welcome to the Asheville Short Sales Blog! I’ve included a varied assortment of topics – everything from loan modifications to successful short sales.  Browse the categories or use the search box to read about judgment deficiencies, junior liens, and even attempts by homeowners’ associations to foreclose on homes.  If you have an idea for a […]